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Graphene to reach the unreachable
Speaker Speaker: Alfredo Iorio
Affiliato Affiliato: Charles University, Prague, Repubblica Ceca
Data Evento Martedì 14 Marzo 2017, alle ore 15.30 - Aula Seminari, Dipartimento di Fisica
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In the last decades the forefront research on the fundamental properties of space, time and matter has produced an
enormous amount of fascinating hypotheses. Among these there are firmly established theories, like general relativity, as well as conjectured principles, like holography and the related Bekenstein bound for black hole entropy, that are among the pillars of quantum gravity. This frontier research raises fascinating questions, both theoretical and experimental, from what dark matter is, to the nature of the Hawking effect. In this talk I will show how graphene could become an experimental playground for some of those ideas, and can help answering some of those questions.