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Towards a von-Karman plasma experiment
Speaker Speaker: Nicolas Plihon
Affiliato Affiliato: Laboratoire de Physique, CNRS & Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France
Data Evento Lunedì 30 Luglio 2018, alle ore 15.30 - Aula Seminari, Cubo 31C piano ponte coperto
I will give an overview of our recent experimental project at ENS de Lyon where a basic magnetic induction phenomena, transport studies and plasma flow drive mechanisms and control can be studied in a dedicated plasma physics experiment in which to counter-rotating plasma column interact. A first step consists in setting into rotation a moderately magnetized plasma column using large emissive cathodes.
I will discuss the flow drive mechanism and show that the shear of azimutal velocity can be controlled by the location of the cathodes and the intensity of the injected current. I will then discuss an experimental characterization of the behavior of drift waves when the profile of the background plasma rotation is controlled using hot emissive cathodes. Mitigation or enhancement of drift waves (on the amplitude or azimuthal mode number) is observed depending on the plasma rotation profile.