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Tunable Metamaterials Based on Liquid Crystals at THz Frequencies
Speaker Speaker: Dott. Rafal Kowerdziej
Affiliato Affiliato: Università militare della tecnologia di Varsavia
Data Evento Venerdì 05 Ottobre 2018, alle ore 16.00 - Aula Seminari, Cubo 31C piano ponte coperto
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Abstract: The search for new low loss nematic liquid crystal mixtures with enhanced birefringence and low temperature of nematic-to-isotropic phase transition plays a pivotal role in a development of new applications of electrically and thermally tunable metamaterials. Here, electrically and thermally switchable terahertz metamaterials employing a specially designed nematic liquid crystal mixtures are proposed. It is shown that the resonant response
of a metamaterial devices can be effectively tuned both in terms of its magnitude and wavelength. Electromagnetic simulations confirm tests and match the experimental
observations well. The suggested approach opens new routes for next-generation soft-matterbased filtering and sensing components and devices.

This research was supported by the Polish Ministry of Sciences and Higher Education under grant Iuventus Plus
no. 0365/IP2/2016/74 , entitled “Tunable properties of metamaterial transducers with short response times in the
THz range.”

I would like to thank Prof. J. Wrobel of the Institute of Physics PAS for preparing metasurface and Dr.
Katarzyna Garbat from Institute of Chemistry in Military University of Technology for delivering the liquid
crystal materials.
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