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A QCD story: unintegrated parton densities
Speaker Speaker: dr. Francesco G. Celiberto
Affiliato Affiliato: Univ. di Pavia & INFN-Pavia
Data Evento Mercoledì 05 Dicembre 2018, alle ore 16.00 - Aula seminari (cubo 31C, IV piano)
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Parton distributions play a crucial role in the understanding and exploration of Quantum Chromodynamics, serving as an essential ingredient to describe the inner structure of the nucleon in terms of its elementary constituents (quarks and gluons). Entering the expression for cross sections as nonperturbative objects, they have to be extracted from experiments through the so-called global fits. Several types of distributions exist, exhibiting peculiar universality properties, obeying distinct evolution equations and being supplemented by according factorization theorems. Sufficiently inclusive processes, like Deep Inelastic Scattering, are described in terms of scale-dependent parton distributions, which correspond to the density of a parton with a given longitudinal momentum fraction, integrated over its transverse momentum. For less inclusive processes one need to consider densities unintegrated over the transverse momentum. In the first part of this seminar, a general overview of transverse momentum dependent (TMD) densities will be given, with particular focus on their properties and their extraction channels. Then, unveiling the connection with the small-x world, the concept of unintegrated gluon distribution (UGD) will be introduced. Through the leptoproduction of the r-meson at HERA, existent models for the UGD will be investigated and compared with experimental data. Some novel studies on differential cross sections for the forward Drell–Yan reaction at the LHC will be also presented.