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Quantum Phases and Driven Dissipation
Speaker Speaker: dr. Andrea Nava
Affiliato Affiliato: Scuola Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA) - Trieste
Data Evento Mercoledì 19 Dicembre 2018, alle ore 17.30 - Sala riunioni, cubo 31C, V piano
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The Mpemba effect is a counter-intuitive relaxation phenomenon, in which a system prepared at a hot temperature cools faster than an identical system starting at a cold temperature when both are quenched to an even colder bath. Such nonmonotonic relaxations were observed in various systems, including water, magnetic alloys, and driven granular gases. Microscopically, the Mpemba effect occurs when the initially hotter system takes a non-equilibrium “shortcut" in the system's state space and thus approaches the new equilibrium faster than the initially colder system.
The dynamics between the system and the bath is solved by using the Lindblad master equations, an important tool for the treatment of nonunitary evolutions within the framework of Markovian dynamics. We discuss a quantum version of the Mpemba effect making use of an infinitely-connected model that displays a zero-temperature first order transition.