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Lenses with a twist
Speaker Speaker: Prof. Morten Andreas Geday
Affiliato Affiliato: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Data Evento Mercoledì 15 Maggio , alle ore 16.00 - Aula Seminari, Cubo 31C
In this presentation I will present a novel way of generating adaptive lenses based on liquid crystal (LC) technology. The talk will start by introducing light, lenses and wavefronts, with the aim of making the talk accessible for most undergraduate science students and will then lead on to review of existing LC lenses. Subsequently I will jump to the concept of spiral phase plate (SPP) and optical vortices or helical wavefronts and end up with combining these with conventional lens symmetry leading to the spiral diffractive lenses (SDL) central to our new development.
Finally I will present the manufacturing and driving of the SDLs and the preliminary results and give a short description of the research lines actively pursued at CEMDATIC-Cliq group.