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Finite Temperature Phase Transition in Interacting Boson System
Speaker Speaker: dr. Dmitry Anchishkin
Affiliato Affiliato: Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics (Kiev)
Data Evento Mercoledì 26 Giugno , alle ore 15.00 - Aula seminari
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Thermodynamical properties of an interacting boson system at finite temperatures and zero chemical potential are studied within the framework of
the Skyrme-like and phi4-phi6 mean-field toy models. It is assumed that the mean field contains both attractive and repulsive terms. Self-consistency
relations between the mean field and thermodynamic functions are derived. It is shown that for sufficiently strong attractive interactions this system
develops a first-order phase transition via formation of Bose condensate. An interesting prediction of the model is that the mixed phase (condensate
plus thermal particles) is characterized by a constant total density of particles. Thermodynamic characteristics of the system are calculated
for the liquid-gas and mixed phases. The energy density exhibits a jump at the critical temperature.