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The emergence of gravity: a two-dimensional toy model
Speaker Speaker: Prof. Domenec Espriu
Data Evento Venerdì 26 Marzo 2010, alle ore 11.30 - Aula Seminari
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We review the similarities between the effective chiral lagrangrian relevant for low-
energy strong interactions and the Einstein-Hilbert action. We use these striking analogies as a motivation to suggest a specific mechanism whereby gravitons would emerge as Goldstone bosons of a global SO(D) x GL(D) symmetry broken down to SO(D), with the breaking being induced by fermion condensation. We propose a two-dimensional toy model where a dynamical zwei-bein is generated from a topological theory without any pre-existing metric structure, the space
being endowed only with an affine connection.
A metric appears only after the symmetry breaking, thus the notion
of distance is an induced one.In spite of several non-standard
features this simple toy model appears to be sound and perfectly renormalizable
and reproduces in absolute perfection the effective lagrangian of 2D gravity.
We explore a similar mechanism in 4D