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A shell model turbulent dynamo
Autori Autori: Perrone D., Nigro G., Veltri P.,
Rivista Rivista: The Astrophysical Journal
    Volume n°: 735 Anno: 2011
Abstract Abstract: Turbulent dynamo phenomena, observed almost everywhere in astrophysical objects and also in the laboratory in the recent VKS2 experiment, are investigated using a shell model technique to describe magnetohydrodynamic turbulence. Detailed numerical simulations at very high Rossby numbers (α2 dynamo) show that as the magnetic Reynolds number increases, the dynamo action starts working and different regimes are observed. The model, which displays different large-scale coherent behaviors corresponding to different regimes, is able to reproduce the magnetic field reversals observed both in a geomagnetic dynamo and in the VKS2 experiment. While rough quantitative estimates of typical times associated with the reversal phenomenon are consistent with paleomagnetic data, the analysis of the transition from oscillating intermittent through reversal and finally to stationary behavior shows that the nature of the reversals we observe is typical of α2 dynamos and completely different from VKS2 reversals. Finally, the model shows that coherent behaviors can also be naturally generated inside the many-mode dynamical chaotic model, which reproduces the complexity of fluid turbulence, as described by the shell technique.