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Charged particle acceleration by intermittent electromagnetic turbulence
Autori Autori: ZelenyiL.M., Rybalko S.D., Artemyev A.V., Petrukovich A.A., Zimbardo G.
    Volume n°: 38 - ISSUE 17 Anno: 2011
Abstract Abstract: [1] We studied the role of intermittency in the process of acceleration and transport of charged particles by electromagnetic turbulence. We propose a simple model of electromagnetic turbulence with a variable level of intermittency. The magnetic field is described as a superposition of an ensemble of magnetostatic plane waves and of spatially localized dynamic magnetic clouds. The amplitudes of magnetic clouds are distributed according to an intermittent map. The model approximates essential properties of turbulence observed ‘in situ’ in the neutral plane of the Earth's magnetotail. Numerical integration of charged particle trajectories in such a dynamic electromagnetic environment shows that, for the fixed time interval, the higher the level of intermittency, the higher the energy gain. Moreover, in a sufficiently intermittent turbulence, particle acceleration occurs without significant intensification of the spatial transport.Parola chiave Parola chiave: intermittency; magnetotail; turbulent transport and acceleration